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Mr. Moshoeshoe Sehloho - Chairman


The Public Service Commission (PSC) of the Kingdom of Lesotho has been in existence for a period spanning more than five decades. The PSC has evolved through four distinct stages since its establishment in 1963, which were characterized by a shift from advisory to executive status.


As a constitutional body, the Commission executes its mandate on the basis of a clearly defined legal framework, which sets out the parameters of its operations. In the fulfillment of its mandate under the constitution, the PSC under my leadership will strive to live up to the expectations of its clientele, which is ensuring that the public service is staffed with appropriately qualified and competent human resources for achieving the overarching objective of efficient and effective service delivery.


The foregoing determination however, has to be viewed against the backdrop of a public service that is growing in numerical terms, which demands the commission to device innovative approaches in order to effectively execute its mandate

Professional Profile

Commissioner with more than 8+ years of professional experience: Adept at working in environments demanding strong organizational, leadership and interpersonal skills. Committed to exceptional customer service and driven by challenges. Detail-oriented and resourceful in supervision, organizing and completing projects.

Professional Experience

Chairman of Public Service Commission:  2017 – Present

Responsible for: chairing the meetings of the commission. Organizing and coordinating the commission’s activities, such as setting/approving its daily agenda. Reviewing and evaluating the performance of other members of the commission. Establishing and developing an effective commission.  Leading the commission as a team. Ensuring compliance to the Government Policies and strategies by the commission.


Principal Secretary Lesotho Government: 2012 -2015

(Defense, Cabinet and Tourism Ministries)


Responsible for: overall supervision of ministry’s resources, design and implementation of Government policies in the respective ministry.  Chief accounting officer ensuring that public financial management and accountability bill, 2011 and public procurement regulations 2007 are complied with in executing the ministry’s annual Budget. Ensuring the effective internal audit system is established and carried out on regular basis


Director /Commissioner of Cooperatives:  1997-2005


Responsible for: Cooperative development in Lesotho. Advise government on need of cooperative movement for government support. Register and ensure compliance of cooperative societies with the cooperative Law. Liaising with the registrar High Court on questions of Law arising out of the disputes under the cooperative Law. Responsible for the preparation of department Budget and control of expenditure. Administration of the cooperative Law (statutory functions)