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By 2020, the Public Service Commission will play a strategic role to ensure that the civil service is staffed with appropriately qualified and competent human resources for improved service delivery.


The Public Service Commission, an independent agency in the conduct of its business, is committed through legal framework, to safeguard the merit principle in appointments, to promote quality service delivery to the public and maintain transparency in all processes.


The Public Service Commission is committed to ensuring that the civil service is adequately staffed to enhance effective delivery of service.

The Public Service Commission upholds the principle of transparency in all its processes.

Speedy delivery of services
The Public Service Commission shall timeously attend to proposals from line-ministries.

In all matters before it, assumes responsibility for the decisions of the Public Service Commission are above board which ensures that accountability is maintained. It operates within its mandate.

In its dealings with its clients, The Public Service Commission is guided by the principle of ensuring that equity is upheld and maintained

The Public Service Commission shall execute its functions with competence and effectiveness.